For Better, For Worse

I have always been a fan of episodic programmes on the TV, and especially since the advent of Amazon and Netflix. I have become a typical binge consumer of this media.

However, I have noticed something about a lot of the epics that I consume on these services – they are becoming more and more brazen in the content that is being served up – particularly online. When I used to watch these programmes on TV, with the notorious watershed (which I’m sure most of the youth of today are not even aware of…) and the guidelines set out by the various broadcasting companies, it was all very safe. You knew that what you were watching was not likely to offend, and even programs after the watershed were carefully edited.

Now, I have access to much more suggestive material (not that I go out actively searching for stuff like that…!) and the distributors can take many more liberites with the subject matter. I could go so far as to suggest that it makes it all the more believable, or harder-hitting.

The same thing can be said for writing and publishing; now that we can do it all ourselves, really there is no limit to what can be published to the point of complete gratuity. Now I am aware that this sort of material may have always been available, but it is so much easier to procure these days. I wonder if in some ways this is going to dilute the material that we can purchase, but it also makes one wonder if it can also strengthen it…

I am still very much learning the craft, and I am not going to push into the boundaries of massively insulting people with my output, but it does leave me wondering how self publishing is going to change the market. I guess only time will tell on this one.


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