Bean Buddies Books Series

The Bean Buddies books are a new range of books that are aimed at younger readers. The books have a large font, and big colourful images helping those who are just starting to learn to read while also providing an engaging storyline for more advanced readers. They are also perfect for relaxing and bed-time stories!

Presently, there are 4 books available through our publisher, Green Cat:


Butterbean finds it difficult to hold onto anything for long. Follow his adventures as he tries to stop dropping everything and find a way to get to grips with everyday life!


Broadbean is a large bean, and doesn’t know what to do about it. Is there a way that he can deal with such a humongous issue?


Runnerbean loves to run. But after a terrible accident, he finds he can’t! What will he do in the meantime?


Greenbean likes things. He also envies others and likes to have better things than everyone else!
But what happens when he thinks he has everything?

Bakedbean (coming soon)

Coffeebean (coming soon)