Super Sabbatical

It is now three weeks since I took my exam, and my current University module unofficially finished. I say unofficial, because I am still awaiting my exam mark, and that could be up to another month yet… but for all intents and purposes, done. I couldn’t tell you how good it felt to finish that! I was so looking forward to some time off, and a bit of R & R.

However, something strange has happened. I’m missing it. Despite all of the stress, inconvenience, aggravation, deadlines and general life-invasion, I’m actually missing it. Maybe something has changed over the four years that I have been doing this degree. Maybe deep-down, something fundamental has made a paradigm shift, and I crave the business that was the basis of my life for the last age. (or so it seems)

This, I think is a good thing. It makes me realise that it is time to get on with writing; get as much of the next book done as possible before the circus starts all over again in October. But eight months is a long time, and I’ll be damned if I can remember where I got to in my story. I have read and re-read what I have done so far, read my plan, the outlines, the ideas, but the flow has disappeared for the most part. This is a little bit frightening, because I know that a¬†huge wealth of ideas have simply disappeared into the ether during that time.

I considered starting again. There is a lot in the first draft that I am not happy with, and I thought that the prospect of doing over would give me the opportunity to abolish many of these. But the thought of basically writing off everything that I have done so far, plus the possibility that I may create all new plot-holes made me think twice about this.

It was time to consult my writing group. I put the question across, hoping to get some decent advice from experienced and green writers alike… the response was unanimous. Continue, and fix it all later.

So there it is. Now, I just need to pick up the pieces from far too long ago, and see if I can once again revisit the amazingly colourful place that I invented. It’s all my ideas, so surely that shouldn’t be too hard…?


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