Real Life vs. Online

So, I believe that I have just landed my first paid writing job. It’s an amazing feeling! I am going to be writing blogs for a tech review company, which combines two things that I really enjoy with the ability to earn from it.

Since giving up my second job, I have been wondering how to make more money to cover the financial deficit that this left. I have been ‘sort of’ looking for some time now, but nothing has been coming up. Nothing other than the usual internet get-rich-quick schemes anyway. Then, one job came up that looked interesting. I thought that I would try applying for it.

Now, most of us know what it’s like to have to apply for a ‘traditional’ job. It is one of the most soul-destroying processes that a human being ever has to go through. It’s slow, and a lot of time is wasted just waiting for a reply that never arrives. Plus, the level of urgency in procuring a job seems to be in direct negative relation to just how long one has to wait.

In this case, I heard back within a few hours. I was happy with the details, and I accepted. I had the trial assignment within another hour and thoroughly enjoyed working on it. I wish real life was more like online life sometimes…

This does mean that I am back to the position I was with my second job – trying to find the time. However, being able to work from home and whenever I like should fit much more comfortably with my current situation. That second book is going to be finished soon!