The Ultimate Cure for Wealth

I have discovered the cure for this disorder called wealth. It is a terrible affliction that affects the rich; too much money. It’s a syndrome that normal people do not suffer from, it is only contagious among the affluent and entrepreneurial.

The reason is apathy. Apathy and lack of confidence. I know, because this is something that I seem to have in spades. I have written a book, I have more in the pipeline. But, what if no-one likes them? Worse, what if they hate them? Why is everyone else’s books are better than mine? Maybe I’ll try again next year. Maybe I’ll have a few more hours on the Xbox to help me make a decision.

In the meantime, I am going to continue to be immune from wealth, persevering with nickel-and-dime jobs that ensure I am in the healthiest of financial deficit. I find it amazing that people, including myself spend ages crafting their perfect life and then continually put off implementing it.

I need to bite the bullet. I can’t just sit by and wonder what it might have been like if I had succeeded. I want to experience it first-hand. I have a love of writing. It’s not something that comes naturally yet, but I am not letting that stop me. I do want to make it my full-time job. In truth, I do not want to find a cure for wealth. I want to be infected with it beyond any hope of cure. And it starts today.

Beginning with getting a new distributor; the email has been sent, and I am not going to rest on this one until I am up and running with them. I am going to get my new range of books finished and illustrated. I think that it is time for a plan, and by George it’s going to be a good one!


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