Advanced Creative Writing

At the moment, I am working like a man possessed on my current projects; the time off between my open University degree modules disappears quicker than a magician on speed!

However, I am particularly looking forward to the next module – Advanced Creative Writing. This will be the fifth of six modules, and after spending an inordinate amount of time studying Shakespeake, Wordsworth, English around the world and cocking a snook (yes, really!) on previous modules, I am starting to get to the meat of this qualification.

It is very easy to put off writing. Don’t get me wrong though, I love writing and the finished product. However, there are times when stuff to do gets in the way, or the Xbox keeps on calling. If there is one thing that I have learned from this course: to put work off is to commit academic suicide. This time around, I am expected to create, edit and improve original pieces of work, which go beyond the standard assignments. I am hoping that this module teaches me to combine the requirement to create original material to a deadline.

The whole reason that I started this degree was to boost my writing ability, and I think that this is finally going on the right direction. I have had to put my life on hold for over half a decade, because I am of the belief that I am on the path to creating a better life for myself. Maybe this will lead to a better paying job. Maybe it will do nothing more than improve what I can already do. Maybe, it will just make me feel better and more confident about myself. ¬†Whatever it leads to, I’m looking forward to it!